How to Stop Using Marijuana | Recovery 2.0 Protocol | Tommy Rosen

How do I quit smoking weed? Pot is harmless? Tommy Rosen, author of Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life and founder of …


  1. I'm 32 years old and I've been smoking EVERY DAY since I was about 20. As I type this I struggle not to smoke my bowl. It's affecting my life. I can't go a day without smoking or even make plans without considering how I'll be able to smoke or bring weed with me. I've always had horrible anxiety which I believe makes this harder.

  2. This is very motivating bro.. but I think it’s the frame of mind of the person brother.. I myself and people have found zen in using it and it has helped lives… just some people have certain motivations…. glad to hear you got that problem situated bro. Hopefully you will come to another point in you life where u can see that you can use it but not lean on it.. thanks buddy god bless

  3. 4 months clean after 9 years of smoking never felt better. Feels great and so free to not crave or need anything else to feel content- not to mention immense confidence in myself. so much more energy.

  4. I’ve been smoking for 4 years every day and just after I smoke I totally regret but as soon as I am sober I feel like I need to smoke again and it becomes in an endless cycle and I really feel that weed is ruining my life as my motivations for things are so low and I just want to sleep at home. Im not enjoying the weed trips anymore however when Im sober I feel like I want to be stoned immediately

  5. Amazing individual, thank you, I've been smoking weed since I was 14 now 35 and have tried more times than I can count. Your message of hope is truly inspiring, tomorrow will be day 1 for me, I just chucked my weed out of my car window (no plastic bag btw before u think LITTER! LOL) I will keep you informed ❤ to you brother

  6. I was put on antipsychotics as a small child was on them until I was 21. About the time I was 18 I was introduced to cannabis. I felt such relief I started crying and have been a habitual user ever cents. At 21 I quit the pharmaceuticals and that was a nightmare. The pot really helped. However; I’m 37 years old now and being a habitual user and keeping it quiet. While keeping a marriage and a career together. I’m wanting to put the pipe down but finding it somewhat difficult. I’ve always exercised staying fit, meditated regularly and never have let this be a hindrance but still it’s hard to quit.

  7. I have a healthy relationship with it, meaning i smoke it maybe 2-4 times a month, never during the week or when i have shit to do. But i know people like you described in the video. It has completely taken over and it is no way to live. I hope everyone finds the right balance for them, whether it's total abstination or sporadic, healthy use. Life is not meant to pass, being stagnant. It's meant to be lived. I wish everyone on this beautiful planet a good, healthy and happy day, week, year, life.


  8. Not a recommended method for all people cause everyone's biochemistry is different but shrooms really helped me understand myself and quit/defeat my cannabis addiction it made me get in tune with my emotions instead of running away from them. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ALL PEOPLE THOUGH! REMEMBER EVERYONES BIOCHEMISTRY IS DIFFERENT WHAT IS GOOD FOR ME MAY NOT BE BENEFICIAL FOR YOU!!!!!!!! So take this advice with caution

  9. Spontaneous Pneumothorax (collapse of the lung), a week ago. I am 17 and smoked pot and vaped every day of since I was 11. Everyone I know and even the love of my life smokes, I never thought I would ever quit, but under threat of going to the hospital again and harming my life I had to quit. I didn't know how badly I 'needed' it every day is so hard because I blocked out every negative emotion. I know I will never smoke again but it is difficult learning things that I should have long ago. Every day is so hard, I am constantly reminded of it, I can't escape it but I cannot smoke.. stay strong everyone it's a wake up call I was lucky to get early. All the things that you said have never felt so true, thank you for helping me through this rough time.

  10. bro I’ve been smoking since I was 14 and Im just so tired of it now it’s draining me bro! like I don’t ever want to do anything.. my motivation just vanishes when im high. I even joined the military after I graduated HS to better myself and stray away from it, but once I got in I found myself around it again.. I failed a drug test and almost got kicked out, luckily they let me finish my contract. Now that im out at 23 years old idk what to do with my life and I get lost in my thoughts then eventually smoke. I just want it to end bro but its hard. I have all these military benefits like (free school, home loans, pensions) but my mind is in a loop… I need help fr im addicted to weed

  11. Today is day 5 of my marijuana detox after habitually smoking all day every day for 2 months straight. Acid reflux is eating away at my insides and causing pain in my chest when i breath. Insomnia wakes me up every hour at night, I literally have 2 black eyes from the lack of sleep. IRRITABLE AF!! My hands and feet are extremely sensitive & pruny from constantly sweating. This is my second time detoxing from weed and lemme tell you, the withdrawals get old really fast, and i cannot wait until my body temp goes back to normal so i can freaking sleep! lol

    I don’t believe marijuana is a bad drug, but people like me who have addictive personalities and depression/anxiety tend to lean on and abuse substances like this, and I’ve come to the realization that my life is better off living without daily dosing.

    Genuinely hopeful and looking forward to the future once this chapter ends ❤️

  12. "Source Creator, partner with me in my life each and every day to keep me safe, to guide, heal, support, and protect against all who oppose my will to be free from all addictions and negative influences. Help
    me resist the grips and temptations of self-destructive substances & behavior and heal my emotional pain that has drawn me to them. Please assist me to maintain a long-lasting sobriety and restore my spiritual freedom and connection with you, while in full awareness of our partnership in all I do each and every day.

  13. Im stuck in a loop in life. My life is waiting away and im aware of it but feel content to wasting away, smoking. I am trying to find the will power to quit.
    My addiction has disconnected me from my family, I do not know how to hwve proper social interactions with them anymore, and im obviously awkward around them because my life revolves around pot & being around people who smoke pot. My dad was right. I became a "pothead" and wasted so much of my life. Im 25 now, and have accomplished little. Have had no motivation. I feel angry that I have failed myself and my family, I know I am a disappointment & a fuck up. I want ro change. I want to go to college, and get a good job. I want to work and do something im passionate about. I'm tired of being a loser. A million people can call me a loser, but When you know they're right, that's when it hurts. Wish me luck people. I'm gonna give sobriety a honest try.

  14. i use it to help fall asleep and destress. once in a while for fun when hanging out with friends but not often. is that alright? i think i’m good cuz i still have all A’s, i don’t let it ruin relationships with friends and family, i can go without it i haven’t gotten high in like 3-4 days and haven’t had a single thought about it.

  15. my unhealthy relationship with weed has cause so much turmoil in my life. it ruined my relationship with the most amazing woman this week because i was never present and always irritated and self absorbed, i’ve spent upwards of 4k a year for multiple years, i haven’t worked in 7 months and all my life has become is blunt routes and bong hits waiting for the world to come back to normal.

    but it’s not the world that needs to change. its me, finally for once. i’ve avoided my entire life simply to get high.

    pray for me guys, this is day 1.

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