How to Pass an Employment Drug Test 1000% Guranteed No Gross Drinks

Quick Fix So if you’re watching this video I’m going to assume you have a pre-employment drug test comming up. Maybe Marijuana is legal …


  1. Okay so I have a question for any girls on here and whatever,I’m in a situation where I’m getting drug tested randomly.Havent gotten drug tested yet but will be soon.Im planning on trying this product but never have done this before so ofc I’m pretty scared to try this “fake pee “ trick but what method to did y’all use to sneak this in good?Like I need help here 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Questions: 
    -What if the facility asks for more than 3 oz? Can I just say that's all I got?
    -Should I only put 2 oz in, in case they want a recheck and I still have an oz left?
    -If they notice a bulge in my pants, (I'll be going with the under the nut sack method using a special underwear), will they straight up refuse or just send my sample for further testing?
    -Do I need to squirt out the sample so it sounds like I am peeing?
    -Is it ok if I use my own pee in the toilet?
    -How closely are these guys listening typically?

  3. Certo is bullshit. I posted around on Reddit, and every comment section of my posts ended up flooded with comments about Certo being the best. My test is on Monday, in 2 days. Yesterday afternoon I went and bought everything required for the Certo test as well as an Equate home drug test for THC. I followed the instructions to a T. I even drank a bottle that night when I went to bed, which is the "longer method". I drank the second packet the next morning, 3.5 hours before I tested myself. I peed 6 times in those 3 hours, then once more for the test. I failed it. I went to multiple websites to look at their "certo methods" as they all vary a bit, to get a better idea of exactly what to do. I couldn't have performed it any better. Still failed.

  4. Tips:
    1.TIGHT bycycle shorts under pants.
    2. 4ounces-. Nothing under that limit.
    3.Avoid eBay or Amazon. -cheap counterfeits everywhere, I only buy from the Companies website
    3. Under your balls only ,crotch that shit.
    4. Quik Fix is a solid company you can return your expired product to.
    5. Make sure your hand warmer hasn't expired.

  5. So I've never had to do a piss test I have my med card but I'm trying to get a government job I'm nervous about getting it to the temp but now that I think about it.. I'ts like… how much piss do you put in the cup? Is there a fucking fill line on my piss cup or what😂 I sure as shit dont use the whole bottle that looks like aloooot

  6. Sorry to drop this on you folks, but I failed today using this exact synthetic. I followed everything step by step. Sample did register as correct temp but wasn't able to pass the 8 panel test. The collector knew almost instantly. She even mentioned it had no smell. They will smell it, know that. Hope this helps.. cheers

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