1. Hey I know this is a old video and greatly broken down n detailed. I’m currently trying my hand in making edibles and currently sitting on few oz of trim. So my question is can I use this same process of making cannabutter using trim instead of butter?

  2. To separate the butter from the water and the leftover plant material, it's much easier to use a glass jar with a lit and a nylon stocking.

    Tie the nylon stocking with a rubber band over the jar, and pour everything into it. Then close the lit and turn the jar upside down.

    Make sure you top off the jar with hot boiling water before you close the lid! That way all your cannabis will be surrounded by hot water when you turn the jar upside down, making it possible for the butter and the cannabis to separate properly.

    Leave the jar to cool down slowly, and when the butter is hard, you open the lid to remove the water and the stocking with the leftover cannabis.

    No more hassle to separate the water from the butter!

    Add a little bit of cold water to the jar to clean off the dirt from the butter that is now sitting in the bottom of the jar. And voila… you have a jar of clean cannabis butter that you can close off with a lit.

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