How to make a DIY CBD salve at home

If you have sore muscles, you might’ve thought about trying CBD to ease the pain. We learned how to make a DIY CBD salve at the Herb Shoppe.


  1. Lady needs to do more research before selling and giving out misleading information on these products. CBD and THC both come from the Cannabis Plant. What makes them different is in the plant’s genetics that sets the ratio and potency of cannabinoids. Hemp has below 0.3% thc while Marijuana has over that amount reaching 30%. “Hemp” and “Marijuana” are just legal terms to differentiate its thc level to the government and consumers. Same, same, but different.

  2. The problem with all this is a lot of the cbd products on the shelf are junk that is made for profit. It must b a full spectrum cbd. Not diluted crap. Or desired results will not be obtained. Do your research on the product.

  3. This shit is full of lies. There are only a few strains in the world that have almost no THC. There are no plants that do not produce any THC, that is a fucking lie. Out of the strains that are available these fuckers do not have them. Don't beLIEve this bullshit. Do your own research and start with Rick Simpson and RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). I have cured 4 stage 3 cancer patients with his techniques and THEY ARE FREE.

    CBD IS NOT 100% LEGAL IN AMERICA. She might be talking about the hemp bill that Obama passed but that is not the real medicine from #cannabis. GTFOH legal everywhere. LOL

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