How to harvest & process part 1 – hanging medical marijuana plants to dry and initial curring info

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  1. Just harvested 5 lemon deathstar plants. They're pretty big, pretty thick. I used to dry each branch individually but this time im just hanging the whole plants to try and preserve terpenes. Got the AC in there, temps at 63°F humidity 45-50%. Exhaust fan is on, ac runs most of the time so my question is i shouldn't be at risk for mold right?

  2. Hey Bro youre Plants are just looking fire!!! but do you need to dry youre bush longer when it´s 1 bush like you do it…. but i think when you cut down some branches its drys alot better i think…. but pls Tell me if i am wrong (and sorry for my bad english) love from Germany to Kolorado :)))

  3. From what I've learned over the years, is that outdoor plants need to dry as a whole, with the roots, because when the plant is dying, it sends everything good it has, from the fan leaves to the stalks, and sends that all quickly to the flower because it's focusing all the plants energy on its offspring, the flower.

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