How to Hand-Trim Your Cannabis: The Boutique Technique – Derek Gilman / Green Flower

This is not machine or commercial cannabis trimming. Learn how to hand trim your cannabis harvest like a pro. “If you’re looking for the utmost quality, you need …


  1. Should you trim right after harvesting while the buds are still moist or should you dry them before you trim like you did here? I’ve heard it’s much easier to trim while the leaves have moisture and the stalk is generally easier to handle.

  2. MENU of top quality strains I got:

    Relieves stress:
    •Sour Diesel
    •Blue Dream
    •Green Crack
    •Blue Cheese

    Relieves pain:
    •Purple Haze
    •Afghan Kush

    Fight depression:
    •OG Kush
    •White Widow
    •Super Silver haze
    •Northern Lights

    •Lemon Haze
    •Strawberry Cough
    •Jack Herer
    •Durban Poison

    Sleep better:
    •Grape Ape
    •Berry white

    Happy Feeling:
    •Girl Scout Cookies
    •Grand Daddy Purple

    Boosts Appetite:
    •Purple Kush
    •Black Widow
    •Lemon Skunk

    •Cherry Pie
    •Super Lemon Haze
    •Moon rock

  3. Hm… I'm wondering if hand trimming is noticeably better then machine trimming. People say that hand trimming allows you to trim without touching the flower and not loose trichomes. But when you will grind cannabis for a joint it you will loose probably even more trichomes anyway I guess?

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