How to grow large cannabis plants indoors episode 4,start to mid flower. #tnb #tnbnaturals

It’s into flower now,some trimming and cleaning up needed, Medi one formula from green planet,silicate and enzymes,TNB NATURALS also, looking great so …


  1. What have we learned? Don't use led's for flower..That plant needed to veg probably for another month looking at the cap barely coming out the top of the scrog, but I'm sure he knows that. I'm having pretty good luck with a marshydro 600 with 1 plant. Led's have gotten better but these Burp's suck. smokeweedeveryday

  2. Hi there, what seed is that growing in the video? Is that CBD with a .3 percent legal threshold seed? I’m looking for American seeds in bulk to grow in Indiana all from seed outside. On 1 acre. Any help would be appreciated.

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