How to get your Medical Marijuana Card in Florida! Super Easy & Cheap 2019

This is how you get your medical marijuana card in Florida! More details below! ———————- ———————- Steps 1. Be at least 18 years or older 2.


  1. Can you get approved for a card if you DONT already have a qualifying condition? Meaning can you go to a qualified Marajuana physician. Have him or her approve you without having a history of trying to use other forms of medication? Thanks!

  2. I got my card few weeks ago from my sure plug i have been dealing with him for a while now he's less cheaper in all his stuffs i don't wanna enjoy what he got along you can get him on IG as (Kendybrown) or you inbox me for more information about him

  3. Hey just wanting to know how long did it take you to get approved not your card but just the email from OMMU . Also did you pay the full abound or pay some your first appointment and some your next ? The reason I ask is because it’s been 5 days and I know they say it takes a while but some other lady said she’s seen people get approved as early as 3 days also I payed the full amount the first appointment and I’m away paying 1/2 and 1/2 also delays the process

  4. I have never tried marijuana in my life. My youngest son does it though. I have back problems which I used to get opioids from the pain clinic. I'm tired of taking them because they don't work for the pain. I have been thinking of trying marijuana but I live in Georgia. Do you have to be a resident of Florida to get a card from this place?

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