How to fix a BROKEN or CLOGGED vape pen cartridge. Hack. *UPDATE*. THC oil cart non working. 2019

If I saved you any money ny helping you fix your cartridge, please consider making a small donation to: Venmo: @jaeandres Cash App: $j1220 This is a …


  1. Thank u so much man 🖤 I was high when I first thought my cart was broke from me pulling the tiny coil and rubber gasket wit a pin, I was dummy scared it wouldn't work no more. I even tried takin a hit and my pen had tha 4 blinks u were talking bout. U got my 420 approval tho ⛽

  2. Can you please help me my cartridge broke inside of my battery and the bottom part is stuck inside the battery and it wont come off its stuck on to the battery if u could give me your discord or something i could send u a pic but please help me out i havent smoked in a day im loosing my mind HELP

  3. I’ve been messing with this pen and cartridge , I have gifted several cartridges to my Tinker Friends who were eager to find out solutions . Then I found your site and was energized . You spoke well, organized , examples, alternative ways – what do I have laying around the house NOW beside no Send away for this kit for $$$. though there are alternatives . Thank you and I’ll touch base for more info . Thank you, Valerie

  4. Im casually on break from work desperately trying to fix my work cart. I cant deal with customers sober these days. The entire piece that screws onto my cart popped off somehow and only one wire is popping out

  5. omg thanks so much sir i really appreciate this video it took me two hrs to fix my broken cart. i called the club and everything and they told me to simply just email them and tell them why the cart doesnt work. and they did nothing after he said they would help me i dont want to say the clubs name but its in redwoodcity ca …any way thanks it worked great vid keep it up

  6. The bottom base that clamps onto the cart came off. There's one single long wire coming out of the bottom of the cart through the rubber hole in the center. I have no idea if there should be another wire that needs fished out or not. I have no idea where to try place the wire or possibly two wires back into the base of the cart.
    I probably can't even get the base to go back on. But I'd like to know what to do with the wire so I can try. Somebody please help me.

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