How to filter THC Vape Juice to remove waxes, lipids, and fats without winterizing

In this tutorial, I show you how to easily remove the contaminants from your Cannabis E-Juice. Link to Amazon Syringe Filters: …


  1. Man, thank you so much!! I had no idea syringe filters even existed. I've been looking for something to clean my vape oil up. Ordered the filters about thirty seconds after watching your video. I knew there had to be a way. Thank you for showing me the way.

  2. hey man how many grams you think i should push through these filters max before switching to the next filter. my starting material isn't too waxy and just used these filters but i think i pushed too hard but im going to try again tonight and go slow with it

  3. I declare then terp add to it then filter and using a glass filter so you can get it thru as i can say its a hard time on the hands but there end result is a clear juice that does get funky like liquidizer do and I gave a long time to figure it out when there was no utube. I find if you decard ur rosin, shatter or the like I have a much stronger results and the cartridge last way longer than a legal state cart

  4. How much starting material like rosin is needed for that? I just made a small batch with 0.5g rosin and 0.1g terpenes and that's such a tiny amount you cannot even get it through the filter, nothing comes out of it and all the material is just inside the filter? So what is the minimum amount to make that work good?

  5. Just wanted to come here and say thanks. It’s my first time making oil and my pod system was getting clogged. Found this and the filters worked great; keep up the great content 👍🏽

  6. U can just backload another pin so u don’t got to buy the wheel filters. Pull the plunger out the back. Pull the plunger Pack a little cotton into the pin. Pack the cotton down a little but not much w the plunger. Push ur dirty liquid out of the pin it’s in and into the pin w the cotton. Then use the plunger to push the dirty liquid thru the cotton. That’s how people shooting pills do a final clean.

  7. JB I pressed keif without the filter screen and I got some tiny bits in the rosin .if I decarb will it effects the rosin and also when filtering through syringe

  8. Works great filling cartridge the first time the oil stay the same Crystal gold clear all the way to the to the last bit when you fill it up the second time Midway through it starts to burn black but I really appreciate this video

  9. To begin with why are you buying subpar products. Also where do you find cloudy products like that. Most are winterized and decarbed, or just decarbed producing clear products. Otherwise most oils will sugar up due to the heating element in your pen. Besides you're reintroducing most of your lipids due to poor temperature control. It was a nice video I just don't see the purpose unless you're doing it right to begin with.

  10. I have some iso wax and it’s thick and becomes like if I spread it on a rizla it stay hard adding terpenes and filtering and then removing the teepee at the end will that become a better material

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