How to Clone Cannabis, What is The Best Way? 2019

Hey Tubers,I just wanted to shoot a video to show you a few Different Techniques and styles of Cloning,Thanks for watching Dont forget to Like, Comment and …


  1. Yo man I’ve heard if you use the rapid rooters upside down, and poke your own hole that it will work out better and you won’t have to worry about them staying way to wet from water in the trey because they will be just a little bit off the bottom. Just thought you deserved a halo full tip as well. Thanks for the info man πŸ‘Œ

  2. hello, could I ask your advice? I have been growing 4 cannabis plant for 3 months and they haven't started to flower yet, they were feminized seed and I have forgotten what strain they are, I am growing outdoors. so my question is how can I get the plants to start flowering?

  3. Good video ..I've always been told with the airoponic clones you don't need a dome over it because in the root chamber its 99% humidity..I know if mine came w a dome I'd say fuck it and use it to. It be nice if you did another video in 10 to 14 days to show finished product

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