1. Got a interview today with an unsuspected test. I last smoked Saturday morning it's Tuesday afternoon when they tested. I've brushed my teeth and chewed shit tons of gum since Saturday and right before the test. Should I be good?

  2. Okay so I had a test today at 11am and smoked last night at about 9pm, this morning I brushed my teeth per usual garbled with mouthwash about 10 minutes got to work ate greasy jerkies and brushed again mouthwashes and peroxide washed, do you guys think I will pass oh and I peroxide washed like right before

  3. I stopped smoking almost 2 months ago now. Been taking these take home drug test I get at Walmart and they still show me as positive. I recently, 3 days ago took a mouth swab for a job I interviewed for, really hoping it comes back clean. This was the first time I've ever done a mouth swab so I have no idea what to expect

  4. So this how it went down for me. I took two different salvia tests last year. One I took I dry vaped around 12am took test around 11 am later in the same day. I passed. The second one I waited three days but failed. I consider myself a heavy user not sure why I had different results.

  5. Talking to people and watching videos all the same answer. 2 days of not smoking or detox mouthwash, regular mouthwash, brush your teeth cheeks and gums. This is all true but I'd like to see you someone truly test the mouthwash products that people are selling because I think they're bogus

  6. Heavy Smoker = 5-6 days x week sometimes multiple x a day.
    Chronic smoker = every morning noon night ( only for bums/retired/millionaire/rockstar types …cuz you ain’t passing no test or getting a fuckin job.
    72 hours = 3 days

  7. Yeah i think it's good because most people that don't (need) to smoke pot every day to function should have no problem quitting for three days to get a job and those that have to smoke everyday to function probably aren't looking for work because uh duh they got cancer or something. So if you can't quit canabis consumption for three days or even a week for a good job then you should probably apply for disabilty income instead of work.

  8. I've passed a few tests literally hours after smoking. 1 was 6 hours after, and the other 2 were 5 hours or so. All I did was brush and use Listerine followed by Orbit gum. Not saying it'll work for everyone, but for me it does everytime.

  9. Just took a saliva drug screen, but I was prepared for an urinalysis LOL (I had my nephew's toddler piss in a mini Dasani water bottle, between my legs.) I'm not a heavy smoker at all. I hit a j a few times almost a week ago (Prior to knowing these people were calling me back for this position for today.) Hearing that saliva tests only tests back as far as a few days is relieving. I wish that I knew what kind of drug testing they did prior to going to take the test. If I knew it was a saliva test I would have been gargling Listerine and peroxide all morning long, as well as sucking lemon candy and brushing my teeth, cheeks and gums extra times. Well if I don't pass this one, I know what to do for the next one along with not smoking for at least a month

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