How long does cannabis stay in your system? | Weed Easy

The compounds in weed can be pretty stubborn – capable of hanging around in your body anywhere from a few days to a few months. Just how long does …


  1. So i smoked 2-4 times 2+ months ago and after that i was working 10-12 h per day and sweating like a maniac, drinking tons of water. Is there a chance that sth can be traced in my urine; got drug tested for no reason in my workplace. Thanks in advance for any answers keep smoking mah dudes πŸ˜‰

    Edit : forgot to add that i went through a messed up surgery causing me to drop to very low body fat percentage. Metabolism is high generally speaking and i weigh 71kgs 145 pounds

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  4. I was smoking weed for years everyday 10 or nore times per day hard bong hits then police stop me in a car i wasnt high but blood test was positive they took my licence for half year and condition for return except other things was drug test from pee my tests were positive for 5 months long i though i get crazy of that when someone tells it this will take so long i will not believe but it was reality 5 long months

  5. I smoked last night I only did two hits tho, how long will it take to go away ? I have to do a medical exam ASAP but I don’t wanna go if imma fail. I just wanna know how long it will take for me to be clean. Remember I only did two hits.

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