1. One one part of this video I agreed with her and on another part also I agreed…she expressed positive side once and negative side of once.
    Iam stoned right now😭and writing this….
    Should I agree that marijuana is good or accept that is bad also.

  2. Weed is only a gateway drug because it is illegal. To get pot in most of the country is rarely of good quality, ergo possibly contaminated. But mostly, you have to find a drug dealer to get it and generally he will have other stuff to entice you."do I take the seedy compresso weed or the roxy???"

  3. People don't die from weed but plenty do from alcohol. Why is alcohole still legal and weed is having such a hard time becoming fully legalized? Makes no damn sense. Politicians and lawmakers need to pull their heads out their asses and see the motherf*cking light

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