How Cannabis Is Successful in Opioid Addiction Recovery | The Exit Drug

Dr. Wallace from The Exit Drug (documentary) explains how his patients have a high success rate in coming off of opioid addiction by using cannabis. About The …


  1. Typical American 30 day 12 step program – come out broke and relapsed within the first 12 months. People have been brainwashed to death into thinking weed will make you use more drugs or relapse, with zero hard evidence. Give any human 1,000mg of thc and they aren't going to be comfortably numb…it's going to be uncomfortable and they may even ask to be driven to the hospital due to anxiety. Does this sound like a feel good drug in pills or washing down vodka until your organs. It has to be done correctly, which the only standard is often very sick people in kind of a community of medical marijuana patients. This is a lot more complicated and MASKED by some russia bimbo director of NIDA, who goes to congress and screams "but the children" 5 million times a minute. NIDA damn near banned all vaping, we saw that. That is called increasing cancer rates so she can swill wine virtuously as "but the children" record plays.

  2. I have had opioids for post-op chronic pain from a brain tumor that’s recurrent, and, although it helps. It’s like trying to hammer in a nail with a sledgehammer. It works, but, it’s not worth it. I’m fortunate enough to have a script for medical, and, its been wildly successful with me. No cravings, or withdrawal. Thank goodness for this amazing medicine. We should legalize this, at least medically all around. It’s a medicine, and should be treated as such.

  3. Indica or indica hybrid dominante take the edge of but always keep in mind no matter what you do you always pay the piper always.yes there are things you can do to help a bit…..but at the end of the day withdrawal is a fucking BEAST! but with a strong will and mind you will conquer .and trust me it's very fine but a hard way to find out who you are in a sense. your mind going to be doing some crazy shit why'll in wd telling you all kinds of thing's don't listen it will go away i promise you .just keep telling yourself your stronger than this 'n' it's only a moment in time it will pass .GET YOUR LIFE BACK FROM HELL TODAY RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!!

  4. well i have a severe injury in my mouth an artery was cut about 5 yrs agao it caused necrosis due to lack of blood supply to the roof of my mouth so i lost most of my palate and some teeth also i live in insane pain and there is no way i could function without pain medicine if it gets taken away from me i will end my life the hell i go thru everyday most people could never imagine,i have been taking it for years i dont abuse it i take as prescribed im sure im dependent on it because ive been taking it so long but i cannot live in the pain that was caused by my injury if mrijuana killed severe pain id be willing to try it

  5. I just hate that people use this as an excuse to replace one addiction with another. Idgaf what anyone says that’s basically what your doing when you replace opioids with thc. Replacing one chemical with another. You gotta fix your mind and not be dependent on any sort of chemical whatsoever, that’s the real solution.

  6. The VA or Virginia because if there is something you know about this shitty state I moved to let me know! On top of your story imagine being a stage 4 cancer patient and in pain and can't sleep because your doctor took you off Narcotics because your x-rays show you have no pain. Last I knew x-rays didn't show pain? So once they started weaning me down I went with it. I had no other choice but I found a place 3hrs. away that you can just walk in and "make a donation" and the gift is marijuana. You can get away with, if you're careful. I'm in an illegal state; so far! I need MMJ I know for a fact or 6 I just need a dispensary so I can get the exact strain I need for my pain, my Insomnia, depression, Cancer etc. Addiction to opiates for 5 years of use in very high doses… I could talk all day on this subject. It is a medication it is not a drug. My state is so behind; there are States that are further behind than Virginia. If any Virginians see this and are planning on voting 2019 for the candidate who is more in favor of medical marijuana give a thumbs up! Just curious.

  7. Now this is a doctor that actually cares about his patients. My doctors have never educated me about the dangers of pain medication and addiction and kept me on it for way too long. When I started taking them I had no idea what it even was or that I could get high off it. I was able to get clean with the help of cannabis. Lowered my anxiety, helped my back pain, and made me optimistic that I can get through it even if it’s going to be hard. They need to have cannabis in rehabs imo. Not to smoke all the time for the people who don’t have real pain, but during the first week I think it would really help. It did for me and a lot of people in the comments

  8. Kratom is a better alternative in all the research I’ve done. It’s cheaper, it’s legal in most states, and it better mimics effects of opiates. Mmj gives me horrible anxiety and paranoia. Everyone is diff however.

  9. I stopped taking opiates after a 30 year addiction. It started off with the usual drugs: tylenol #3, Talwin, then to Hydrocodone and then oxycontin 5 mg every 2 hours, to 40 oxycontin 2 times a day. I still felt pain and was placed on morphine 100 mg SR and 10 mg lortab for brake thru pain, then changed to Morphine 100 SR 3 times a day and 30 mg Morphine 4 times a day. One day I went into see my Dr and told him I didn’t want opiates anymore and would like to try med marijuana (MMJ). After getting approved thru VA pain management I started the long process of getting the MMJ Card from the state. When the card arrived I placed an order with a dispensary. Jan 15 2015 was my last dose of opiates and the day I start on MMJ. I started on vape cartridges and 4 days later I was detoxed, and no withdrawal symptoms or desire to use morphine or opiates ever again. Now, almost 4 years later, I still don’t want opiates. MMJ has also decreased my use of benzodiazepines to where it is a negligible amount 0.25 mg 2 times a day, which I will stop soon.

  10. does anyone think of people in severe pain if your leg was cut off you wouldnt say a doobie would be groovy now you would ask for the strongest pain killer ,yes people use it wrong by selling it or giving it to a spouse or family but most addicts use heroin except that heroin is relatively expensive so fentanyl from china which is 80 times more potent meaning i gram of heroin equals 80 grams of heroin and some guy named Bubba is cutting it he puts a little too much in however they sell it and an od ,dont torture pain victimes ,Ive been shot blown up have Reflex sympathetic dystrophy or crps ,Bill Maher is so full of his own drugs he causes more people to suicide after losing their opiates i know 2 people in washington whos doctor says if bill maher doesnt need opiates why dont you try weed BECAUSE IT HELPS MILD PAIN AND CHEMO THERAPY IT ALLOWS PEOPLE TO EAT ,I DONT HATE MARIJUANA OR LIKE IT ITS THESE IDIOTS LIKE BILL MAHER A POOR STONED APOLOGY PROBABLY DRIVING SMOKING A JOINT HE WENT TO THE PLAYBOY CLUB SO HES COOL OH I MEANT CRUEL , iVE NEVER HAD A DRINK OR CIGARETTE THOUGH I SMOKED POT UNTIL MY PAIN BECAME INTRACTABLE I PRAY YOU NEVER GET CRPS

  11. Day 1 and I can already feel the pain relief . It seemed to have affected me the same in many ways as an opioid or benzodiazapine combo. Will try and use it in the a.m. as a replace mentioned for suboxone. Wish me luck. Will keep you posted. Thanks.

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