1. This was beautiful for me, Ricky Williams has helped me to change my thinking of closed mindedness. I absolutely love him and his message more so than his accomplishments, I used to set my calendar by nba and nfl and all sports, but now I have a truly higher understanding of cognitive thinking

  2. Yoga.?. God hes outta shape. Smoke all you want, I do. But dont make weed your life bro. He seems off,.. always has really.. this is the problem when NFL gives huge signing bonuses/guaranteed money. Dude can sail off into the sunset giving the finger to everyone around him. In reality if he didn't have the football money to live in luxury and smoke life away he just be another pot head and he would be living the "van life" or in a tent in a swamp growing weed. He wants to sound deep and spiritual, to me it comes off as spacey and daft. Life listening to college hippies explaining the world's problems while driving around in a Benz around soCal.

  3. Stimulate your mind Rick. Its only a plant..its not for partying. Its so much more than a Dr can prescribe…its a medicine and it won't ever hurt anyone. You are a special person and to football lovers…your an icon.

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