How and When to Flush Cannabis Plants The Right Way

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  1. so ,, my first year growing. and was told to use tomato shaker food… i put this in all my plants around the 3rd week of veg, i then learned its not smart to use due to not breaking down enough and still end up with beads in the soil after flowering and when ready to harvest… ive tried to take as much as i can off the top of the soil but theres still some ive there a way i can take the plants out of the soil and put in water or flush for even a week without the soil they are in? or would it be wise to transplant into new soil and flush right away ? if they start to die i can always pull them and dry at anytime now. my strains are " jack crossed with gorilla " and blueberry kush

  2. Peeps say stoner science and flush not needed. They have no idea wtf they are talking about. I've done side by side the bud definitely tasted better and my patients thought it was completely different strain. But to each their own we will keep tastey buds. I'd take quality over quantity with bud anyday

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