1. The CIA and mkultra is something I've studied closely we are the governments guinea pigs still even in this age just not as public as it once was for good reason with the rise of social networking but marijuana is a weird one. You do see a correlation in governmental control over ones mind with the recent legalization its no diff then the fluoride that's become mandatory in the bigger cities water supplies all over to make us more docile but marijuana actually was the CIA's problem during the mkultra test, that still runs today in secret, it actually altered perception but instead of becoming a subject that can be controlled it actually opened the eyes of many and disrupted the LSD and mesculine studies deeming it as one of the biggest threats to the US by cia analyst, fast forward n alots changed in our understanding of marijuana as its far from an evil plant you don't believe me ill get you declassified files to show you, but cats like you probably believe those to be full of lies too, I try not to speak when I don't have enough knowledge to form a solid true statement on a subject you should do the same and the bible actually does speaks about alcohol spirits in a few chapters and not in a negative manner either, I'm all for sobriety and getting high on the holy spirit but this is just one botanist's opinion marijuana is definitely being used to control us easier, narco terrorism is very real n pharmaceutical meaning sorcery in its root meaning is no good, but this is all stuff orchestrated by men I don't see how inanimate objects are evil weed don't make you smarter but it doesn't make one a lazy retard either, but maybe all my friends n i are the exception as we are flourishing in a fucked society smoking pretty regularly n were not destroying lungs called a dyna vap or volcano even dabs are technically vaped not 100 percent safer but about 90 to 95% better for lung intake when vaporized. Can get you a multitude of surgeon general documents but they're probably white devils too lol, none the less your take on these subjects are interesting, but pretty inaccurate you need to do a lil more research on cats like Terrance McKenna and Alexander Shruglin and others that ran aside the MKultra testing with there own research, use your frontal lobe n think about what your going to say before you say it, smh

  2. Tribe of Judah tribe of issachar and Gad under marijuana experiments by the CIA laced with mind control substances to control rioting martial law make men of Judah and the tribe of issachar more feminine subtract masculinity functions Deuteronomy 28 54 then the Zionist controls the music industry feminem fashions demonic santanic rappers smoking marijuana in the studio to cast spells of spirits on the tribes wearing their pants down sorcery witchcraft

  3. CIA military experiments on Prison populations GMO Foods to exterminate the tribes to make the men more feminine short sperm count down the road of Life diseases population control chemtrails

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