1. I have a personal friend who was diagnosed with Brain cancer (tumor) about a year ago. She followed the traditional mainstream treatment instructed by the Dr, but she wasn't improving and suffered so much. Basically the Dr (oncologist) said she had 6 months to live. So, she decided to take Cannabis oil (NOT CBD oil, this is the Rick Simpson Oil a.ka. RSO. which is full extracted THC oil and is illegal). 6 months later, she went back to the Dr who did a scan and now she’s cured and completely healed, the tumour has gone! The Dr is shocked and confused! She has the scans and medical records to prove it!!

    Over the years, I’ve read and watched so many success stories from people taking cannabis oil to cure from all types of health conditions from cancers, skin cancers, tumors, chronic pain, seizures, diabetes etc… a simple YouTube search for “Rick Simpson oil” or “rso” will result in so many results and success stories from people.

    I don't want to come across as saying it will cure everyone. It's not a magical cure or anything but it is the best chance with an amazing success rate compared to traditional treatments like chemo, radiation and surgery and all the pharmaceutical drugs. Besides, nobody has reported any side effects from taking RSO.

    My friend is feeling great, the damage caused from the traditional treatment made her feel so weak and destroyed her natural immune system, however, her body is gradually regenerating from it. In addition, she’s changed her diet to stop eating processed foods, meats, more juicing, exercise and getting more oxygen, she's off all the pharmaceutical drugs.

    Why isn’t the medical system looking into this? And why is it still illegal? If you had a serious terminal illness, would you take poison (chemo or radiation) or take something that is less harmful, has minor side effects?

  2. I love your enthusiasm for becoming our best. I enjoy listening but when you use the f word it creates a negative response that keeps me from taking all of that positive in. Just suggesting keeping your frequency up and finding any other word to express your point. Wish I was hanging out with y’all. Looks so relaxing.

  3. See this is my problem I’m diabetic and can’t go to long without eating something😞I’ve cut out sugar pop tea dairy still eat some meat cause I find it’s the only thing that keeps me full. I love fruit but can’t eat much uggwhat do u do in this case? And where do u get Cbd oil?

  4. Soursop is amazing for cancer. It’s healing no joke! Research it! Also check out doc- Root Cause- do not get a root canal 🦷 EVER!!! it’s a taxidermic tooth in your body. Dentistry is the only medical that allows to leave dead-tissue in the body. Causes horrible auto-immune like Lupus arthritis neurological issues and cancer. Watch doc – so enlightening ☮️💜

  5. Wow Dan, that is the best information I've heard all year! Just go ahead and let the suffering come and go, I love it and I need that! I had no idea whatsoever that such a thing was possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you beautiful brother we love that you're leading us to freedom!

  6. Man healed himself of stage 4 prostate cancer eating 100% raw living foods, drinking soursopgraviola leaves juiced, fasting and full spectrum cannabis oil. Regenerative detoxification is real! Thank you for sharing this beautiful message with us Dan. So grateful to be living with such great examples🙏🏽💚 much love!

    I started eating raw foods a couple weeks before my mom committed suicide in 2013. This was no coincidence. The grief, depression, anxiety and emotional trauma I've been able to overcome has changed and improved my life in so many beautiful ways. Having my mom pass away when I was 23 was the hardest thing I've had to overcome in my life and I wouldn't be where I am today, having learned self love and how to heal myself- without living foods, fasting, organic herbs, cannabis and meditation. For anyone suffering in any way, with any dis-ease, if you feel called to this way of healing by nature-listen, act, have faith in your body and the power of your consciousness. You can heal yourself. You are the best healer for you than anyone else could be. Meditate. Align with your spirit's wisdom and be calm and fluid like nature. Pay your dues to the past harm you've committed and rebirth into your most beautiful, vital and conscious Self. I love learning and being a student of life. I'm grateful for the journey. Healing is ongoing and we have to keep digging deeper to receive more truth. 🙏🏽💚🌈

  7. I love the positivity. I love the diet. The juices are great. Throwing off the yoke of popular ( unhealthy) convention is great. But I dont buy the yogi kudu stuff. Sitting around in the lotus position tickling your navel is not for me.

  8. Great Question Dan! At about 28 minutes in. Only JESUS died and rose again, seated at the right hand of Father God ❣️ 🌿😇🤗 Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. ✝️ He is Risen!

  9. This is sooooo true!! The uncomfortableness is what made me prolapse my organs!! I just couldn’t sit still with my self.. this is huge!!!Super great video!!! I love this one. It is our greatest challenge especially with aging. My Dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and i can’t wait to show him this video!!! Thank you soooo much! Amazing stuff!!:-):-)

  10. Thank you so much for spreading the word that Cannabis Cures Cancer. I am a practicing Herbalist and I learned about this about 10 years ago. I learned that Cannabis raises the Cannabinoid level in your body and this makes your body release the cancer cells out of the body. And it is such a relief that I have this knowledge that I can cure myself family and friends of this horrible disease. Well the family and friends who believe it is possible. But I have been a living a life of a great diet and herbs. I hope that the fact that I am 50 years old free of all toxic medications will be an example for those who are around me. And I only believe in herbs and food to cure the body. Well also happiness, positivity, joy, kindness, peace etc.Thank you so much for spreading the word. And it is soo beautiful that your family saved your dads life with nature, the way its supposed to be. PEACE!!!!!

  11. Sorry, dude. Weed is not healthy. You're inhaling smoke, for one. Two, research shows it's a trigger for anxiety and panic attacks in a large percentage of people, and even triggers schizophrenia in others. I'm not subscribing for feel-good bullshit that is patently false.

  12. Hey Dan ! Such an inspiring video !!! I’m seriously stoked to do the juice fast with you ! I also need to sign up on your website this Thursday! 😊
    May I get the link for this gentleman’s website to order some shilajit ? I can’t find the link in comments. Thanks ! ♥️🤘✨🙏😊

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