Harvesting My Indoor Autoflower Grow + Testing THC

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  1. I feel u woulda got much better results with 2 lumatek zeus 600s bro no? Im using 2 of them and 2 spider farmer sf4000s pulling over 1k per lumatek 600 just abput the 1k mark on the sf4000s 9 nothern lights queenseed autos under each one

  2. People talk sooooo much shit about autos, but honestly it's come such a long way since the original Lowryder plant, and in such a short time as well. They're essentially the same as most photos, and in some cases better. But that also depends on the grower themselves.

  3. Looks good and all, but I most say that I dont believe your thc test,. We have grown big sweet awesome autos that looks like a super star but the high fro. An auto can't compete with a normal plant like critical.. autoflower plants are beautiful but not a good smoke

  4. As a complete noob. I started a grow and not sure why this is happening but I have really strange rounded leaves. I'm pretty sure what I got was a clone from another plant but now its growing really strange. Any ideas why the leaves would be rounded rather than the normal look. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks. And thank you for the videos

  5. cant wait blow all these channels away show you guys how to really grow. been dooing this my whole life.Faciailty comming soon and will teach all you fuckers how to grow triple aaa gas that you will pull 1 gram or more per watt. good video tho. cheers fam

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