Harvesting Fifth Element, Gorilla Bomb, and Strawberry Glue Medical Marijuana

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  1. Did u just cut the whole plant and hang it all upside down to harvest? New to growing, planning ALOT bigger planting on the spring..have 4 nice size plants growing now..2 babies..from seeds..like just under 2 months to go… Hooked for life..I'm looking for good harvest plants …suggestions?

  2. Beautiful buds – beautiful crystals !!! Shining as beautiful as can be !!! Wish I was living in Colorado so I can be smoking that I'm sure that it tastes Awesome and so beautiful along with the smells !!! Great growing hope all your patients enjoy your medicine !!! Peace Love and Marijuana !!! 🌱 🌿 ✌ !!!

  3. Beautiful plants man. Uncrossing gorilla glue 4 what Afghani landrace and Crystal gelato with the same mail. Should be good I hope the bud structure from The Afghani should boost my butt size hopefully Walmart stacked. Instead of small golf balls fingers crossed.

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