1. Massive! What is your feedimg schedule?πŸ’« also regarding the water system this year i dug out a large hole and lined it with a tarp, it works great however allot of water evaporates like half a foot or so. So if ur going to do this look into putting a camo netting or some sort of duck weed in it to reduce evap.

  2. Watched all your vids bro and I have really enjoyed your jpurney. Fairplay to you and Yoda and total respect to you both. You do a gorrilla grow and channel next year my brother and I will do the same. Love, light and peace.

  3. if your gonna make yourself a watering hole . may i advise exstending it underground. i mean you have a hole and you line it with plastic . the hole fills up from water dropping in the hole . but if you lay a tarp out flat and then just have it dip in the middle to make a gathering point. then weigh the tarp down with rocks or best cover it with soil a few inchs deep . then it will gather so much more water , yet take up no more space then the hole itsself and if you plant in containers and place them on top of your tarp then any water that drains from the container after watering will drain back to the watering hole. also water evaporates faster when in sunlight , so make a cover for the hole , itll also help stop you falling in. get a dark green tarp and it wont show up from above.

    mind what i would do is tarp over the top . like ive done with my green tarp . then itll pritect the buds from damp and collect rain fall.
    just throwing that out there off the top of my head. that green tarp of mine can grow stuff under with a 25% reduction in light.

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