Growing 2400 Cannabis Plants at a Large Scale Grow-Part 1: Hustle & Grow-C4Farm

On this episode of Hustle & Grow Episode #4, we go out to C4 Farm in Rochester, WA outside of Olympia, WA to watch them plant, and interview them about …


  1. 2019 grow season I had plans to flower early by bringing plants inside to flower,after like 2 weeks of being in flowering was gonna stick outside when the weather is greatest.but the weather has been soo bad 2020,I decided to keep plants indoor.its 8-18-20 and I am forcing flowering on my outdoor. I had plants go until December last yr.and everything he said happened to my later plants.cloudy ,rainy equal no sun.i got small budz.i got a answer tho the way things are going I am gonna have to get a light to use for 7,8 hours until sun comes around. And if sun doesn't come around I can run light longer.but I can do this cause I am covered and rely on light coming in from a side angle so basically shade until sun comes around. Then I get 3 hrs of sun if not cloudy.

  2. Where I'm from white people wouldn't let me get my foot in the door to learn.. so I started doing things on my own and I actually got pretty good at growing my herb. Now I'm more than willing to help anyone that is interested..

  3. Baylee – I just checked my Youtube favorites and this one came up today.Ā  Wow!Ā  I am going to sit down at lunch and watch it all shortly, much like last year's 20+ minute video.Ā  What day was this filmed or was it 2019?Ā  Thanks, again, for making this video.

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