Green Roads CBD Oil Review

My thoughts on Green Roads CBD oil. This is a single dose of their 1500 mg tincture. I took the full mL which contained 50 mgs of CBD. Visit their website here: …


  1. I bought the 1500 bottle. I got a tolerance very quickly. Now it doesn't work anymore. I was so excited in the beginning because it worked so well. It worked for 3 weeks. I hope everyone has better luck than I.

  2. I was at a CBD shop in Dallas Texas yesterday and I explained to the owner why I was interested in trying CBD which is because of chronic back pain and nerve damage and 3 major back operations with little success I had never tried CBD and I can no longer take narcotic medications so the shop owner says she would like to help me I was kinda hesitant to purchase any of the products they were pretty pricey but maybe not I’m not sure about CBD prices and what is high or low and I have tried all the different kinds of kratom out there and yeah it helps control the pain a little but not enough to be comfortable or to keep dropping that kind of money on that which in a retail shop it’s very pricey compared to what you can order it directly from the source for the only downfall to ordering it is the wait time usually about two weeks and in the last year or so the DEA was comphiscating peoples orders when it arrived in the USA 🇺🇸 and not being able to get it back from DEA even though in Texas it’s legal and if you owned a shop or sold on Facebook through kratom pages and you order several kilos you know 50-100 kilos at a time your talking about losing a lot of money and product you will never get or get refunded so it can be a big hassle just for a little relief so this shop owner tells me I would like to give you this for free to try and see if it helps you it’s the same as this guys in the video only it was a 1000 MG which I was told to use ten units as one dose twice daily and could last 5 days if I used that dose but she said it’s definitely ok to use more if needed I was in a lot of pain last night so I tried the recommended dose and once it kicked in my pain level was considerably less than before I took it I was very comfortable with the little pain I still had it wasn’t completely gone but it was just very little pain and my anxiety was completely gone which I used to not deal with anxiety but now do and it went completely away so on a scale 1-10 I would rate this particular product a 9.5 not a 10 for me only because the taste it wasn’t terrible as I was expecting but different not exactly how to describe the taste of it and if your in the Dallas area I recommend NATURAL HOLISTIC HEALTH 2755 S. Garland Ave Garland Texas it’s in Dallas County the number is 4697860450 they are amazing people and will go above and beyond to help anyone and I never do this for companies but they were so nice and went outta there way just to help me it’s the least I can do if you’re in the Dallas area and looking for a great place to purchase CBD this is the place especially if you have little knowledge of the product they are like a book of information they answered every question I had I hope this is ok that I put all this in your comments but I had really good success with this same product

  3. I wasted most of mine. The first time I used one of these, I only wanted to see what the stuff looked like inside. I tried to only squirt out just a little bit but about 75% or more shot out at supersonic speed! 💨💨💨

  4. I bought one of these from a local hemp shop earlier.. I have moderate neuropathy in my legs from a spinal cord injury. I haven't taken it yet. This will be my first time trying a CBD oil. I sure hope it works! I'm tired of suffering all day.

  5. I buy the 1500mg daily dose from a hemp shop in erie and the syringe is a complete different color than on the green roads website and where it says NO THC it says ND THC…i don't know if they're fake or jus a batch of screwed up ones….does anyone know or seen this before???

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