Fragrance Oil Friday – 4/19/2019 – Marijuana Edition

Check out this weeks edition of Fragrance Oil Friday. This is the “Marijuana Edition” where I check out and compare Marijuana Fragrance Oils from several …


  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I feel like this vid was made for me! I don't partake personally, but I've been on the hunt for that classic, "buds in the baggie" scent for a custom order. I have spent (and wasted) SO MUCH MONEY on FO's that just weren't it (some of which you reviewed in this vid & I agree 100% with your take on them). Out of total frustration, I almost gave up… Until I found this video! I've read an insane amount of reviews on various FO's in this category & sadly, just can't depend on them. Too many times I've read, "OMG! This smells just like the real thing!", only to receive the oil & be left wondering what they were actually smoking?! With your impressions being dead-on to my own impressions of ones that didn't make the mark, I am THRILLED to have found this video & am heading over to TFC NOW!! I know you filmed this a year ago, but you've saved me so much more money that would have gone down the drain, along with what I've already spent. THANK YOU SO MUCH TIM!! Hope you still rock that shirt because it's awesome!

  2. Thanks for making this video! I make a hemp body butter and needed something to cover the scent of the hemp oil….which isn't pleasant. Instead of layering other notes that would clash with it, I figured to move with the current and go with something cannabis scented. And if it worked out, maybe use it for candles!

  3. Hello, I don't understand English very well. I wanted to know if you can write me what you say about rustic escentuals oil. I would like to order on their sites because it gives a very complimentary description of their product I would like to know what you objectively think.

    thank you

    Mathieu from Paris

  4. Great video for my great grandsons 2nd birthday, Being a 60s child have always loved spiritual sky fragrencese. Still see them once in a while but find you have to go to specialty or what we call head shops to find it i found some about 10 years ago and still have the bottle, pop the top and just sniff for a flashback lol. Dont know if they are available to you or if you could use them in candles but to me the strawberry and patchulli is spot on to the true 60s scent. Would love to see a review. Other brand fragrences as in the oils and incence cones and sticks are to perfumie or flowery, to me i like a more musky hint.

  5. Black walnut hull oil (while it's green), if anybody makes there own PEOs, smells exactally like it. I did about 5 years ago in a still outside. Everybody thought it was the ganja. Including users & the police. I can't stand the smell, so, I won't make it again, but, if you really want that smell, that's it, and, it's strong. 🤢🤢🤢

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