Found CBD oil in a shop in Sydney 25 May 2019

Just bought some CBD Oil, first experience: Update: Update on CBD oil, 7 hours since first intake plus second round of 2 drops at 3 hours ago: I have energy I …


  1. Thanks so much Tim again for info which is SO needed!!
    We here in NYC also do not have CBD oils legal – but some of our health food stores carry them for USD80 (approx). I will give it a try, hopefully it will help me as well with my "ascension symptoms" !
    Ivette ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tim, here's yet another alternative healing option: check out Well Healed on youtube. Biomagnetic Healing has been suppressed in the US for decades although it has been available in other countries. I recently did it remotely with the healer referenced in the video. Best wishes to you with your healing. A California fan

  3. Amazing location – so peaceful, the water is mesmerising! CBD oil is really interesting – take it slowly and gradually increase the dose. Bear in mind that there are different strains and doses depending on health issue – The Saced will help with this. Also, MCT oil has been highly recommended to me …

  4. Tim something strange is happening. There are no planes in the sky right now. I live north of Atlanta and every two minutes i see a plane fly over my house everyday. Went out couple of times today but just noticed the silence and not a plane in sight. Something is going on.

  5. Tim why donโ€™t your vids have intel anymore ?? I started watching your vids a couple mo ago because you were really connected to great sources and we need to know whatโ€™s really going on outside of fake news
    Thank you and I am praying for God to reveal himself to you in dreams and visions you have sensitive and open heโ™ฅ๏ธry!! Love and May God Bless and keep you

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