1. This was great you added backstory. I rarely smoke THC pot anymore..and if I do, I'm definitely a night smoker. I love CBD, the right strains lift me in a way THC does not. And I can use it throughout the day and it definitely helps keep me going and stress level at a minimum. I've been smoking CBD for almost a year, just orderedd my first CBD vape cart, from black tie. I think the convenience of it will be nice
    Great video!

  2. I just ordered some disposable cbd pens which claim to have no thc but they also show in fine print that by law it contains “less than 0.3% thc” will I be fine for a drug test with the possibility of this trace amount? I heard somewhere that it needs to have these trace amounts to work well but I don’t want to have the worry of failing anything, I know there is also something called cbd isolate but if the percentage of thc is under 0.3 will I be fine?

  3. I enjoyed your review! My husband uses that same vape but not for CBD. He’s military and they still encourage them to not use CBD just in case for bad brands. But I’ve been curious to try CBD myself. I hope you come back soon to update us on your CBD journey and how it has impacted you daily. Thanks for the vid!

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