Finding The Right Dosage Of CBD For Anxiety

Get $20 off your first CBD order here: I have been using CBD oil for depression and anxiety for some time now.


  1. One thing you aren't mentioning (Or maybe you did I'm halfway through the video) is that the dosage depends on your WEIGHT and AGE as well. I seen this in a book at our cannabis store there's levels too it too like microdosing, moderate and high and such that goes into more detail. For me I'm a smaller young adult so I started at microdosing with .25 ml (9.78mg/ml) and made my way up from there. Hope this helps anyone else as well.

  2. I have my problems with social anxiety, just ordered some cbd oil tincture, I do wonder if you have noticed a difference in effect on anxiety with daily use. Have you changed anything since making this video? I am not looking to go over 20 mg a day (its pricy), and will try to play around with using it every other day to see if there is a difference on anxiety.

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