1. vaughn so sorry to hear about your battle and I am relieved your not doing chemo because that is a killer do you have access to turkey tail mushrooms there? they grow here in missouri and I hear they fight cancer. you pick them off rotting bark and brew into a tea and grind into powder and sprinkle on your food. please give it some thought the rock dwayne johnson also makes an oil like the cbd your taking praying you get better

  2. @ OMV,
    Please look into; The Gerson Therapy. The Detox Coffee Enema, is Vital !
    Also, Sodium Bi Carbonate will balance your PH level.
    Detox, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar will Cure your body.
    Learn, A Vegetarian Diet.
    It is known, Cancer and Tumers cannot survive in an Anaerobic environment. Be careful in what you EAT !

  3. Brother I’m battling cancer along side you , I’m on 21 treatments of radiation I’m almost done it’s kicking my ass , I did not have the opportunity to fight the way you are , but I’m also doing Chinese herbs and tea to negate some of the bad effects of radiation, it is what it is , but brother I love you too , and I will include you in my prayers as well and hope you do the same for me sir ! Semper Fi

  4. Prayers of love, health, & comfort out to you Vaughn. Remember Jesus is your sin offering. Your accuser stands in the court of GOD; so remember, your sins have been wiped clean as there is no other offering that is greater than the love of our Lord GOD Almighty, who provide his only begotten son for this purpose. Be healed Vaughn, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ ~ let it be so. ❤️️❤️️❤️️


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