Ex-Cowboys Tight End Rico Gathers Arrested For Two Grams of Marijuana in Texas

In today’s exclusive, Real World Police brings you complete footage of the August 2018 arrest of former Baylor basketball star and very-recently-former Dallas …


  1. 14:33 is hilarious how the cop that's holding Rico looks up at him to talk to him as if he's looking up at the sky. He literally looks straight up into the air. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And he barely come up to homies lower chest. But he bends his neck ALLLLL the way back to look up at him. 🤣🤣 If that man wanted to he could have bonked these cops heads together and just walked off in slow motion. LoL. Or just sneezed and busy the cuffs open. LMAO.

  2. Always remain silent. Produce your identification. Never answer any of their questions. Remain calm and let them do their job even if it means you gotta go to jail. Btw, shouldn’t the male officer call for a female officer to check the female?

  3. If any cops are watching this, this officers actions is exactly why people don't like or respect you guys. Arresting a guy for a single joint and taking him to jail. I dont care if it's the law, use some common sense. This is not protecting the community, this is harassing and arresting two people that are quietly enjoying a smoke at park. If this is legal in multiple states, and you know that weed is not dangerous, why would you alienate your community for a weak ass arrest? When people say "don't talk to the cops" this is why, you guys are out there acting like fucking boy scouts, like do you really feel like you did something good for your city by doing this?

  4. Listen folks, I am a 24 year vet of the military, and I use weed. I agree it's silly, the arrest I mean, HOWEVER if the LAWS say no, you have to be arrested. Black folks seem to believe that just a disagreement with the law allows you to break it. He was cool, most of these commenters need to be shot.
    Black folks are so used to cutting corners, you heard it in her voice, "just let us leave." She was SHOCKED they actually arrested him.

  5. Either these people lives are so stressful they need drugs to calm down which will only lead to addiction or harder drugs, or these people can't think of anything better to do than slowly lobotomise their brains either way human race going down hill.

  6. Can you cops stop with the buulshit. Weed is legal in our nation’s capital and many other states. Soon it will be in each state. You couldn’t find something else to do that night? This is shameful. And you all complain that you have a horrible public image. You think this makes you look good??

  7. I don't smoke weed anymore, sh*ts gotten too damn strong for me! But I am so grateful to live in a state that's made it completely legal for those who do, the cops can't shake people down and take them to freaking jail for a couple little pieces of raw vegetation… I mean seriously, what a freaking joke…

  8. Just moving to Texas within a year from Florida where we voted on legalized medical use of marijuana I think the unprofessional nature these cops did at the end by actually taking him in for booking is utterly ridiculous…! A simple ticket or court date would be more than proper…! Over fucking weed… God what a waste of resources…! So full of shit about a no tolerance attitude here in Texas…! Austin cops will let you go with a ticket and court date with small amounts of weed… I have literally witness cops ask people caught with weed, crack, and meth pipes if they will openly turn them over for destruction….!

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