Ep 5 – Harvesting Stage Instructions – Craft Cannabis @ Home

Welcome to the Cannabis Learning Networks beginners guide on how to grow your own organic cannabis at home – this is episode 5 of 5 in our series! Congrats …


  1. Question: Is there a risk or damage done by cutting the leaves out of the buds as close as possible to the branches? I'm harvesting one plant for a friend and want to give him as pure as possible herbs, minimum leaves and branches for optimal, pure taste and effect. He is so proud of his plant but can't take it home. 😀

  2. Followed Mark’s guidance step by step and even as a 1st time grower I grew 5 Sativa plants to about 4 ft.tall
    with multiple BIG, bushy sticky cola’s and am now drying and will start curing in @ 3 days. Could NEVER have done this without his guidance. Have turned several friends onto Blue Sky and they are growing their own now. THANKS, MARK !! The Guru of Growers !!

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