Entrepreneur Scares The Dragons Over Potential "Drugs Ring" | Dragons' Den

Michal Takac and marketing director Tim Inskip entered the Den asking for Β£50000 in exchange for 15% of their company – Carun, a specialist organic hemp …


  1. Theres always a way to profit from drugs legal or illegal if it sales on a mass market .. government want to cash in on the plant and do by going down the health benefit route … Booze can be used in hand sanitizer and you can drink you self to death and act like a tool on a night out so what's the difference .

  2. I bet Peter would no problem eat a poppy seeded bread though and not make HILARIOUS jokes about smacking up? Open your little minds dudes, you can do more than one thing with materials on the planet, especially hemp. It answers too many questions and that's why the few people who run the world are scared of it.

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