Enjoying my Home Alone time II Cooking Dal Makhani in Instant Pot – Indian Mom Vlogger

Enjoying my Home Alone time II Cooking Dal Makhani in Instant Pot – Indian Mom Vlogger please subscribe: …


  1. Hi suchi, I am Saroj here, from Chinchawad, Pune, Maharashtra, main ap ke videos dekhati hu from just one month, I just fall in love with you and your family ap bahot bahot bahot lovely vidios banate hain isa lagta hain hum hee vah nanaimo ki life jee rahe hain
    Thank you so much

  2. Hi! This is Mahesh Mehta from Mumbai, I don’t know how to thank you for all this important information , this is so much useful for me and my family. I am coming in June with my family on work permit ( Winnpeg, Manitoba) I have 17 years old twins daughters and one is 10 years old daughter . We love you so much for ur beautiful smile and ur simplicity. Only one important question is killing me , I have one small dog 10 month old, how to bring him with me if you can help me regarding this, I can’t live without him and I can’t come to Canada without him, I really need help on this. Thank you so much for everything . My Email is [email protected]gmail.com

  3. Happy Easter:) as for eating the Easter egg …since food color and vinegar was used, it is edible. Furthermore, take note of temp too :Keep your eye on the clock, making sure that your decorated Easter eggs have not been left out for more than 2 hours—or for longer than 1 hour if the temperature is above 90°, since bacteria grows faster in warmer temperatures. According to the American Egg Board, hard-boiled Easter eggs will last up to one week stored in the fridge.

    All the best …you can eat if it meets the requirements or just keep as a decorative piece for a while then discard.

  4. Hi Suchi, nice vlog as usual. Regarding the Easter egg, you can make a small hole at the narrow edge with the neddle or fork, slowly put a stick or any sharp thin object inside the egg n mix the yolk, empty the egg in a bowl and wash the shell n decorate it in the house. Thanks Indrani

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