Emergency Marijuana Detox

A trial and testimony and how to do it! Last minute drug test? Random drug test at work? Try this it works! Detox your system in less than 4 hours with this proven …


  1. Just like starkita says take it 3 hours before the test, take b12 vitamins or B complex vitamins every hour until the test to darken back your urine. The Certo will make ya pee clear. Make sure you pee at least 3 times before taking the test. Drink atleast 2 to 3 32 oz of water inbetween the Certo and the test. Don’t over take Certo it will wreck your kidney. It’s meant for a short period of time between 4 to 6 hours to mask THC it does not cleanse.

    Cleansing only comes with time, working out, fair dieting and stop smoking weed lol.

    Good luck to job seekers, probation servers, and kids being drug tested by parents and need a quick fix.

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