1. totally with you man, and yes i now from experience that travelling and smoking is just freaking awesome . Because it makes you feel home,…. you know the anoying friend. But still the experience is deeper. But being sober for a while is good and experimental to. Where living on a pot smoking planet, only the sign in Maleisia helpt me not to smoke any weed at all there. Now from Belgium i moved to Argentina, and have to grow my own ,so yes dry times are ,times where you do accomplisch more. It's just the first weeks ( when not travelling it's the hardest to stop) where it's just hard to say no not to day. Hope you travelt more… !!

  2. I smoked everyday all day for about 7 or 8 years. When I got pregnant I quit about 9 weeks in after I found out. I hit the bowl ONCE at about 2 months and got high but not too high. At about 5 months I ate an edible (lollipop) which I have eaten a million times and never got too high. After I ate it, I got so high I threw up and I was that panicked high person, I was so mad since i’ve been a pretty big stoner most of my life. I plan to smoke when the baby is out here in a couple months but i’m gonna have to start slow, I really hope weed isn’t ruined for me ☹️

  3. Ohhh 2:36 minute mark Charolet web made me cry with joy! A girl put on all kinds of pharmacist drugs to stop I believe it was 350 seizures a day to CBD oil and in seconds a night and day change! All the while it was filmed! One to two seizures then the girl started talking eating growing up normally thanks to CBD

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