E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco – the fifth estate

Big Tobacco is trying clean up its image, moving into the booming e-cigarette business which continuing to peddle the deadly tobacco products. This has left …


  1. I gives u a solution which will remove ur fear that new e cigarette ads will promote or normalize smoking..

    completely Ban traditional cigarette, n remove e cigarette ban, but still treat them as u currently treat traditional cigarette, that is impose high tax, with no ad allowed.

    So what it will do? those who already smoke cigarette will starting finding alternative and will select e cigarette. and but since ur not allowing e cigerate ads to run, u remove the risk of promotion of e cigarette.

  2. This is funny because the owner of a big cigarette company is looking for a solution that is more safe than the traditional cigarette. . also cigarette is legal while vaping is illegal for most countries. . vaping save lives from the harm of tobacco but the government is trying to ban it. .

  3. I smoked for 15 years, I started when I was 13 years old. After a serious back injury when I was 28 I was told I had to quit smoking because the surgery I had wouldn't be effective. I went straight onto vaping and still vape today. I feel healthier and can breathe a lot better too. My e-liquid contains 18mg per 50 ml of e-liquid.

  4. Vaping saved my life, for years I been smoking cigarettes for years and I had short breath especially when I run but since I been vaping for 2 years my lungs improve and now I can run longer distance without getting short breaths. Remember that big tobacco companies buy out the government and media to try to illegalize vaping. Fight for our freedom.

  5. this was the worst documentary i have ever seen in my life.
    the only reason vapors exists, its because of all the regulations against tabaco exists… like non smoke bars and restaurants, non smoking in some public areas…they felt threatened. this is just another option to make the richer become even more rich..
    if you need and want to stop smoke, just do it.
    this is promoting smoking…thats all it is

  6. its not even fda aproved…. i must sue all companies of e cigaretes for branding all of that crap about quiting smoking and be safer than normal tabaco…. its the same as i have one medicine that cures cancer called cancerobidol or whatever.

  7. when people cry without tears really offends me..
    by the way… i dont trust e cigaretes at all.
    if i want to quit, i quit.
    i dont substitute…
    thats the same if i take heroin and just substitute with alcohol or metadone or another drug.
    this is bs
    the best is organic marijuana. thats all.

  8. I don’t think that tobacco companies are the ones to blame. Actually it’s not even fair to judge them. They make money out of this business. But the people who buy their products are the ones to blame. The tobacco companies don’t force them to smoke cigarettes. It’s a matter of supply and demand. I always put the blame on those who demand in a bad or good way.

  9. 50g or 3 packs a day for me, smoked for 30+ years, stopped cold turkey 20 years ago, still fancy a Camel etc but no. e-cigs? I've never bothered.

    Just my opinion, but alcohol is far more undesirable than cigarette smoking, alcohol induces aggression and out of control behavior.

  10. Been vaping for 5 months. Initially I did it solely for the savings as it’s much cheaper. I instantly reduced my smoking in half without any effort and now am down to 0-2 cigs a day. It might be just a social cig or just because 1-2 cigs a day is so much better than 15-20. I started vaping March 1 and can do it indoors. I suspect when fall arrives I will stop cigs altogether. Who wants to go outside to smoke in Canada in the winter. I’m excited about my success and savings so far.

  11. I smoked since 2014.. since I started smoking vapes I have not craved a cigarette at all. I don’t wake up in the morning congested and I feel way better. Yes it’s not healthy but, it isn’t as bad as a cigarette. I basically inhale vaped water with flavor and satisfying my cravings for the nicotine for cigarette. I’m no longer getting tar. I smoked a pack a day and I’m only 33. Vape has helped me so much!!!

  12. Dont buy ecigs, especially pod systems look at the msds list in their e fluids they still have the same toxins as cigarettes they just dont have the tar in them. That pretty little clean filter he showed and you bought into made you look dumb why didn't you ask to look at what chemicals they were putting into the fluids. These guys are making the same products just no tar from the combustion. Your piece is biased and borderline dangerous. Vaping is so much safer, only when it comes to the product containing natural unbleached cotton, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural flavoring, and natural nicotine. Look at what all the big tobacco ecigs have in them they have chemicals put in to exclusively cross the blood brain barrier. Why does that need to be there? This is a half assed attempt at reporting. All the people will watch this and see how you are totally working for big tobacco. You should be ashamed.

  13. Almost no vapor likes peach or apple something you could have found out by asking a few shops before making claims. Also most you dont just take a draw on to activate heating most have push button activation heating. Every few seconds you say something stupid, were you funded by big tobacco? Who ultimately paid you to look dumb and lazy.

  14. You got your homework wrong buddy. There was an american who came up with a vaporizer to get people off cigarettes but it was back in the 50's, I'm glad your doing this report but you really should do a better job of fact finding. If some idiot like me just knows this you are either being biased to the chinese guy, and intentionally not mentioning the other guy, or your just a lazy idiot playing reporter.

  15. I smoked a pack a day for 27 years & literally quit overnight after I bought my vape! I quit cigarettes that same day! It curbed my cravings by allowing me to have nicotine, without the smoke & also no tar, etc. I weaned myself down on nicotine till I was vaping with no nicotine & now I'm off the vape too! It saved my life & made quitting smoking easier than I could ever imagine! Amazing invention to quit smoking! Not for non smokers to pick up a new habit, that's the difference!

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