1. lol i like the mao zedong meme. Socialist historical figures and events definitely should not be dogmatically 100 percent defended, but it's baffling how rabidly biased the perception is of socialist accomplishments and failures vs capitalist accomplishments and failures

  2. I'm always impressed with how thorough you are when you delve into whatever the topic of your video is. Your in-depth research and the reliable sources you use and provide to the viewers give your videos an impressive type of quality that I really admire. I look forward to part 3!! Love and Solidarity!! 🚩🏴💖✊

  3. It sounds like we should just build a world where people have a quality of life high enough that they don't need drugs, but the entire system is set up to prevent this from happening. It's one of the least attractive qualities of our species. I'm not sure how to get there from here. I look forward to part 3 of this series!

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