1. I just bought the vape with the pods. For me I don't like feeling high, because it makes me paranoid. Solei Light relaxed me a lot. I'm calmer and don't feel any high at all. So happy I found a strain of cbd that works.

  2. For someone like me who has massive anxiety attacks from even tiny amounts of THC I’m concerned about using this! I never seen someone respond as negatively as I do with THC! It’s absolutely terrifying (like a bad acid trip) on the other hand the CBD buds that I smoked were not bad at all! I seem to be really sensitive to both THC and CBD (literally 0.1 grams of cannabis causes my heart to race and extreme paranoia) but I do like the body buzz for pain! Only time I can use it is if I’m downing beer and or liquor! If I’m really drunk it sobers me up fast!

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