Dr. June Chin & Wendy Nguyen: "What Can CBD Do For You?" | Talks at Google

Dr. Junella Chin and Wendy Nguyen provide medical and consumer perspectives about CBD applications in modern medicine and culture, and co-host the …


  1. Ladies if you will look up my interview on YouTube entitled "is CBD being suppressed "you will be absolutely astonished at what CBD did for my adult children's severe mental incapacity's!! One suffers with rapid fluctuating bipolar disorder and the other suffers with schizophrenia😢 listen to how damaged my children really are and what a MIRACLE CBD provided for both of them you will be amazed!!

  2. CBD helped me go into the forest, and find the magical speckled blueberries that aurora found that one time she went into the deep and mysteriously forest to eat and then sleep the sleep of dragons, and then to awake, with no pants surrounded by mystical forest fairies who entrust you with the ancient and mysteriously secret secrets of the ancient forests and things

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