1. Like I keep saying though. With all the shit going on, other than telling people….what PRACTICALLY cam we do?

    Anything of impact ends ones life.

    Also I voted out of EU but not expecting it. NWO needs tp go through init. Book of Revelation/Khazon.

  2. it is very important the information you have heard about G5 is very true, the radiation passes THROUGH your body, through walls, homes, schools, nurseries, shops, factories….everything! Can you believe 1 in 2 people WILL get cancer….REALLY? 1 in 2? WHY??
    G5 is deadly, there should be a national INQUIRY BEFORE A JAPANESE COMPANY IS PAID BILLIONS OF OUR MONEY to put the infrastructure here in this country. Protect yourselves…protect your children!!

  3. Regarding the DWP – i'd like to know how many people were found fit for work and then forced to go to the job centre (or starve) then later commited suicide because they couln't cope. . this is what the DWP don't want getting out.

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