Diesel 7-17-19 CBD for seizures

We introduced CBD for the fisrt time today as soon as he started a seizure. This video was taken about 1 minute after his seizure after the recommended dose of …


  1. My dads dog who is half dachshund and scottie does have seizures and the way his dog does is he freezes up and stands very still then starts to weeze really loud and fast. His mouth is pulled back and he goes stiff. Me and my dad always take his dog into a room with the lights off and sit with him on the bed and wait for his seizure to pass. We always stayed with my dads dog in case its becomes his last moment as he is an old pup now, but I thank the lord everyday that my dads dog is here with me now as I type this comment, relaxing on my lap.

  2. Just discovered one of your videos here on YouTube. I watched him go through a seizure. Felt horrible, the comments section had been turned off. So I went to another video hoping things might have gotten better. Then found out he died. So sorry this happened! Thought I'd be able to see more videos of this beautiful dog. Now I'm just crying!!

  3. I'm so glad it works for him so far. I got a classmate who takes cbd for their siezures, and they've been able to have fun a lot more. (Their seizures were often triggered when they got too excited or worked up)

  4. Sending continuous prayers n positive vibes your way. I suffer from the same thing but watching a furbaby go through something like.. I was in tears watching Diesels seizure video broke my heart. I am on a medication that i know they now r using on dogs for pain etc. Your lil boy looks so sweet trying to comfort his dog. From my personal experience n what i seen w Diesel ypur muscles rly cramp up like a Charlie horse its painful you can try giving his legs n thighs rubs kinda loosen the muscle from the cramps. He's probably a lil dazed n confused after n i wo der if he's even tired. Seizures take alot outta ya. πŸ’™πŸ™

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