1. Ordered buds at sunday, Got no tracking number and no e-mail about it has been shipped, tried to reach out to Them through, Instagram, facebook, e-mail, and Phone. No answer for several days. Today I got a email about my opinion on the buds but I haven’t received anything from them…

    Wouldnt recommend buying from thebrainboxshop

  2. Finally a TheBrainBoxShop πŸ‘ŒπŸ» all this guy buds are good. He recently couldn't forfill my order due to it being out of stock. so out of his kindness and good will he sent out 3.5g of ak47 (amazing buds) in replacement of of 2 x 1g pre rolls. Amazing customer service. Cheap but high quality buds. Will keep returning. And finally thank You for a 'TheBrainBoxShop' review πŸ‘Œ

  3. I’ve just read online that CBD has been banned in the EU which is really a shame because it will essentially destroy channels like this channels with extremely high quality content that actually helps people and educates them on what medicine they can buy and how it will help them

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