CC: Lori Lightfoot, Cannabis Legalization, and the DSA Takeover*

This is a rebroadcast of Chicago Corner from 4-6-2019. #HLM #HardLensMedia #ChicagoCorner Support us on Patreon at …


  1. Biggest problem we face is the debt. State is in a lot of debt. Our ratio health is bad. Mostly because Chicago hasn’t had people that care like you guys. So kudos. Gotta tackle the debt. It’s big and ugly and not much fun but if we wanna save Illinois that’s what we need to do

  2. Also Colorado gets that dolla dolla bill because they grow. Could have local grow warehouses growing some air Jordan dro but we won’t bank on cannibis like Colorado. Just letting you know. Lightfoots casino idea… not sure. Undecided about that. Cut all taxes of all kinds in areas of most need is probably the best idea to at least get things going in the right way. I have a BS Finance and work as an architectural draftsman now and I promise I won’t wear my maga hat. I’m not provocative like that lol 😂

  3. Go show the north side and lightfoot the rest of the city directly. Bring your camera or if you want a cameraman/interviewer for more dangerous areas let me know. Been there. I’m cool. Respectful. Know when to back off. And I been all over south side in middle of the night and other times no problems. They like me. Let me know. Holla back

  4. We need people like you guys who really care about people first to keep people who polarize like me to be humble and honest and to see and realize my greater community and whats going on. If you show us how donations are going to use and bettering peoples lives there will be more natural unenforced (non-tax) sharing between people. We don’t want government taking a cut we want donations to go right to the people in need! Give those people a voice and a screen and a soap box. Peace brothers one love. Jah Ras Tafari

  5. Probably tilling the economic soils south side is by making it a close as possible to 0 tax zone will make it more livable and more attractive and bring more jobs which helps with violence and which helps with schools. Lots of people would rather have jobs there and live the way people are supposed to live but they just walk around like zombies with heavy police presence and only opportunity are selling drugs stealing begging and borrowing. This is what needs to change. Need to make it more attractive for businesses to move into. Maybe manufacturing? It’s honestly what Trump is doing with the whole nation even though you probably don’t polarize with him which is fine. People like me polarize there you are supposed to polarize right where you are

  6. Chi town woot woot. I polarize on the non socialist side but I sure as heck trust you guys more than the Democratic machine as you say. Different tools for different jobs. I’m going to trust you all to point your radars at areas most needed. Just remember, like UGK says… da purse comes first. Work to make the economics better and you’ll make everything better for everyone. Gotta bring in money to give. Just remember that. Democratic socialists and non-machine free market types can probably be the new politics and the new balance. So make sure you reach out to the other side. The other polarity and talk talk talk to them. We need both I think. First thing from my polarity as a free marketer type is we need to make Chicago appealing for businesses small and large Uber rich or family business. Change the financial landscape. More fertile soils. Good things will come. Also make sure let ppl know who is most in need truthfully. Probably south side east huh ? Maybe cut taxes of all kinds south side. Lots of small businesses there family ones. What do you think?

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