CBDfx Vape Kit: Unboxing, Filling The Cartridge, Battery, and Overall Score (2019 CBDfx Review)

The all-inclusive CBD Vape Kit provides you with everything you need to start enjoying our high-quality CBD oil as soon as you open the box. With an …


  1. hey. thanks for this insightful review. i'm very much a newbie to vaping and cbd. I want to vape cbd to help alleviate my anxiety. I guess this kit looks like a good place to start. as for the e-liquid cbd i want to fill my cbdfx cartridge with, can I use other companies' e-liquids? Also, do you know if this vape kit is sub-ohm? A cbd e-liquid i liked the look of said it isn't suitable with sub-ohm devices. cheers!

  2. Just recently found your channel, while looking up CBDFX. Love your reviews. I found CBDFx before discovering your channel. So glad I picked a vape that is widely approved of. Loving the Wild Watermelon and Pineapple Express flavors. I’m new to CBD vape(for extreme daily migraines) and happy with CBDFx products. Eventually will try the other flavors you suggest.

    Your review did steer me in the right direction for this vape kit. It just arrived and I like it very much. I needed a second vaporizer, to have two in convenient locations. For CBD vape, I much prefer this to my Wolf Duo.

    PS. Your videos are a joy to watch as you know the products, are well spoken and give honest reviews. You have a new follower 😀

  3. I thought my kit wasn’t working until you pointed out that you need to press the button in order for it to work… 🤦🏼‍♀️
    I purchased this along with hemp bomb oil (I got the sugar cookie flavor!!) because I felt like I needed something to calm me down when I’m stressed or anxious.
    I’m also trying to stay away from anything containing nicotine

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