CBD v THC: The difference between THC and CBD

In this video we are talking about the difference between CBD v THC, how to use both for wellness and medical conditions using medical cannabis. For the full …


  1. Hi Dani! 

    I thought you did a really great job of giving an overview of these two molecules. There are a few points I'd love for you to expound upon in your next video (for naive consumers who may not be aware):

    1. The biosynthetic pathway you mentioned wherein cannabigerolic acid is the precursor for the production of THCA and CBDA via the THCA synthase and CBDA synthase enzymes, respectively; could you expound on this in the sense that you emphasize the fact that their production within the plant is linked, and therefore, it is important to understand the legislative implications of restricting THC limits in the plant (i.e., reducing THCA production in the plants affects other constituent pathways and may provide a less beneficial extract (lower percentage CBDA produced in the plant) due to fewer compounds being present in the initial starting material and/or more refinement necessary during the extraction process) – which is a bit silly considering the plant produces THCA anyway, and the only way you'd know the total THC content would be to measure using GC-MS (hence altering the chemical form of the compound you're measuring due to the heat causing decarboxylation (i.e., using different testing methods, your results can be altered)).
    2. You mentioned using a "small amount of THC" several times; can you expound on that and perhaps give some examples of milligram ranges you use as well as dosing regimens and for which ailments?
    3. I have found that THC-rich cultivars of Cannabis and extremely large doses (compared to the average recommended starting dose of 2.5 mg) of THC (>20-50 mg) are beneficial for me to cope with my PTSD and even sometimes very useful in helping me focus (I've been diagnosed with ADHD). Can you please discuss how, although CBD is useful, THC can also be really beneficial and not just in low doses, but in high doses, as well?
    4. Last, I really appreciate how you mentioned synergy, and I think it's really important for people to understand that not only are THC and CBD yin and yang molecules in the Cannabis plant as well as in our bodies (and many other organisms, as well), but also that they are only two molecules in a myriad of other therapeutically beneficial, synergistically working molecular constituents of the Cannabis plant.

    Thank you so much for this video; I am so glad more medical practitioners are coming to understand how therapeutically beneficial Cannabis is for their patients and are speaking up about it (and in an educated, articulate, and comprehensive manner). 🙂

  2. Forgive me but I switched off as far too many 'Might be,' 'Maybe' and 'Potentially' suggestions. Perhaps consider making a video with people whom you have actually treated. (Yes only if they are willing to share their experiences of course). However, as one who believes in the Use of both CBD and CBD with good strength THC, I, like many others would really like to know, who has been treated with what, the strength, the level or progression of Disease/illness prior and following being treated, Length of time being treated, how long they took in a specific study to show signs (If any) of improvement or change etc etc

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