CBD Oil For Anxiety And Depression | Must See!

Quality CBD Oil: CBD Oil For Anxiety And Depression | Must See! is a video that teaches on natural ways to reduce anxiety and depression.


  1. I’m on a prescription antidepressant booster, which helps me sleep. It unfortunately has caused me weight gain and sleep issues (worse than prior to starting) if I forget to take it.
    I’m hoping CBD can be a natural alternative. Prescription medication is terrible and I regret ever going on this med to begin with.

  2. Dr Nick, I have two adult children with severe mental challenges, one being coupled with a physical disability as well. 😢 Thier story is on YouTube, "Is CBD being suppressed" My children are severe as thier stories will tell you and still CBD worked for them beautifully!! Also I've used 9 different CBD oils and have settled on "Natures Nutrients"!! It's PURE!!! No chemicals used in the processing! No carrier oils added!! And it's unfiltered! It's a Full spectrum CBD!!! $60 on the net!! Blessings!! ☮️

  3. The fact that i feel severe anxiety and everything else listed there kills me im a mother of three under 3 years old and i know that this really keeps me from being the best mom i can be for them it breaks my heart because they are my world and they deserve me at my best. I need to give this a try. I cant sleep even when im tired and im always so tired and drained no matter what.

  4. CBD oil works great but ridding sugar from my diet works even better. According to Dr. Darren Schmidt anxiety and depression is being caused by sugar and is not a mental illness and I have to agree with him!!

  5. Sorry u are wrong, I’m a truck driver and my company sent out a memo saying do not use CBD oil in any form, u will not pass hair follicle test and be fired…. My company has 8000 drivers, & has fired many of them lately because of CBD oil use.. Don’t get more drivers fired Dumbass…

  6. How do you know how many milligrams to get? That's where it gets over whelming for me. I have depression and anxiety and I'm fighting tooth and nail not to take MEDS. I haven't yet. my concern is I'm a single mama who has very limited funds and cheaper is better for me but I also know you get what you pay for, however I don't want to buy an expensive high milligram cbd when all I would need is a low milligram that's cheaper. How would I know which one I need? I've tried 750 mg of the name brand hempworks but I never felt a difference. Please help 😭

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