1. From my personal experience (smoking for last 17 years), I rarely have dreams or at least I can rarely remember them…
    What I found is that THC (as it affects short-term memory) makes you to not remember your dreams which can be "handy" if you're trying to get rest…
    Fot CBD I cannot comment but it says that it works somewhat opposite to the THC – vivid dreams (which you'll probably remember)….
    Nightmares involved – I'd say it's cause of the stress or some sort of a trauma or fear(s)…

  2. 6.66K subscribers this tripped me out a bit I was expieriencing the same thing I swear then the dreams turned into good dreams but I still get nightmares every once in awhile still been using CBD since I quit THC

  3. I used to have very vivid dream. Not nightmares but some were little concerning. My question is did it affect you at a cognitive level? I had problem multitasking when I was on cbd especially when I’m under pressure. As a chef I work under pressure that’s why I stopped.

  4. Got a new CBD pen yesterday, used it and took a nap. Had a horrific nightmare-woke up so afraid I couldn’t move, speak, -only crying and planting. I was so scared! Before I woke up, My gf almost called the paramedics because I could only stare and pant-I wasn’t even awake!

  5. At first, I felt like CBD was helping me with anxiety, but it turns out it does have some negative side effects including very vivid nightmares. Usually if I have a bad dream it doesnt really effect me very much, but with cbd I have had nightmares that were bad enough for me to completely wake up in the middle of the night and have a sort of small panic attack.

  6. I use it since one week and my dreams are really aweful and disturbing. I stoped smoking weed with thc a few weeks ago and thought it would help me to get sleep. It does. But the dreams are really really disturbing since I take it.

  7. I started taking them a month ago and I have bad nightmares, I just had to stop taking them because of it. In fact last night was my last straw with them, so I work private security in Memphis Tn. and I work a movie theater on the weekends and I had a bad dream a shooter came in and shot the place up and my brother who also works with me there had to beat it and get out, and we were being shot at while trying to escape. It started interfering with my every day life so I had to make the hard decision to get off of it. Think ill stick to regular otc from good ol Walmart for sleep lol , it doesn't do that to me like cbd gummies did

    A 2007 study found that while tobacco and cannabis smoke are quite similar, cannabis smoke contained higher amounts of ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and nitrogen oxides, but lower levels of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).[32] This study found that directly inhaled cannabis smoke contained as much as 20 times as much ammonia and 5 times as much hydrogen cyanide as tobacco smoke and compared the properties of both mainstream and sidestream (smoke emitted from a smouldering 'joint' or 'cone') smoke.[32] Mainstream cannabis smoke was found to contain higher concentrations of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) than sidestream tobacco smoke.
    Exposure to marijuana may have biologically-based physical, mental, behavioral and social health consequences and is "associated with diseases of the liver (particularly with co-existing hepatitis C), lungs, heart, eyesight and vasculature" according to a 2013 literature review by Gordon and colleagues. The association with these diseases has only been reported in cases where people have smoked cannabis. The authors cautioned that "evidence is needed, and further research should be considered, to prove causal associations of marijuana with many physical health conditions".[110]

    Cannabis use disorder is defined in the fifth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as a condition requiring treatment.[110] Several drugs have been investigated in an attempt to ameliorate the symptoms of stopping cannabis use. Such drugs include bupropion, divalproex, nefazodone, lofexidine, and dronabinol. Of these, dronabinol has proven the most effective.[111]

  9. I took CBDs a few times along with my wife who I purchased them for originally for her anxiety. I wanted to see what effects of the cbd would feel like. It almos seems like not always but almost everytime i take CBDs i have these really dark dark dreams. Some really creepy horrible things. I dont even know how my brain could manufacture these dreams…its really trippy.

  10. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Ive been on oil for exactly two weeks and for two days in a row I been having some CRAZY vivid dreams I don’t know what’s up it is scary tho and rip to mom my condolences and I hope ur dreams stop beautiful

  11. You are gorgeous despite what you say in your own description. And you seem to have a beautiful soul. Plus the fact that you like Metallica…… Now I'm in love! I hope that your nightmares cease, my mother is also my best friend and I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that you experience even though I have lost family members. Wishing you nothing but the best. You are amazing, I love to hear you talk. So many women have nothing to say but never shut up, and I don't like to hear them talk! Plastic shallow women that won't be quiet are annoying whereas you have the absolute opposite effect. Good luck, peace and love.

  12. Using pure kana CBD oil immediately had an effect on my dream state,I don't know if I am having more dreams or just having the ability to remember more dreams. But they are very boring, except last night after taking CBD for about a week I had a dream about going to war which is the one dream I've had over and over in the past that was stressful. CBD oil definitely effects dreams, on a side note there is one common withdrawal symptom from regular cannabis users that I have heard from them first hand and that is and its variants of more dreams at night and very crazy and stressful ones. When stopping regular cannabis use everybody I know agrees that they wake up in the morning tired because it feels like they did not get any sleep the night before because of so many crazy dreams. In a nutshell it seems that CBD oil effects the REM stages and THC affects the deep sleep stage. Want to dream a lot and remember them? Take CBD oil. Or be a regular cannabis user and suddenly stop. Want to decrease the amount of dreaming or dreams remembered? Consume cannabis.

  13. Very pretty! perhaps you can imagine a person like a knight in shining armor warding off these negative dreams! It took awhile for me but I would picture myself in a high tower seeing my enemies below but with no access to me.I would meditate on this before going to sleep.Talk about exausting but it eventually worked for me. Now I am usually in control of my dreams rather than them flowing freely! None of my nightmares were cbd induced though! I am sorry to hear about your situation. I used to take lithium as a child for depression and anger only take as perscribed it worked fantastic for me and I was in a good mood most of the time.

  14. I just woke up from a nightmare. I've scoliosis so I applied CBD oil to my neck and spine area. I fell asleep earlier today after work and just suddenly went into a deep sleep. I was fine, woke up drooling and relaxed…perfect. But later in the day I went to grab food to eat than back to sleep. I applied it again on my neck and spine….😨 I cant even go back to sleep. My dream had me and my family being locked in a home surrounded around demonic people that wanted to eat us. In the dream I began to fight and we escaped than one got up super close to killing me and I jumped out of sleep due to it was more vivid and felt real. I felt like I couldn't move for a couple secs as if i was really being held down like in my dream. I'm guessing it took my mind a little to catch up than I was awake. I sleep in the dark and now I have my cellphone flashlight on to attempt to fall asleep. I'm stressed about not being able to protect my family and be there for them. I love them I'm guessing that's why I had a dream about them like it was suppressed and came back to life that I worry to much cause I can't always be there. I'm going to continue trying it due to I felt relaxed and was able to fall asleep peacefully in the beginning. Pains in the spine keeps me awake and the pain meds keeps me up like its caffeine.

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