1. The pax 3 and the firefly 2.0 both Hella suck as vaporizers……whereas the mighry, even by today's standards, is still the best vaporizer!! Its expensive for a reason. Now tho, you can get the Fury Edge, which is better than the Pax 3 and Firefly 2.0, and its better than them too!!

  2. How do channels like RawOG get their videos removed to selling and encouraging cannabis use but videos like this don’t ? They literally advertised weed to the audience with the prerolls. 😂 Youtube does usually play favourites when it comes to these situations

  3. Omg, all this tech looks so pretty! I can't wait to one day own the most ridiculous cannabis tech you can imagine. I specialize in rolling perfect joints with my own personal technique and shmoking out of b0ngs.

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