1. Hi David, I like your videos and they are very educational. Lots of people pay huge amounts of money for this type of education and you are supplying it for free 👍🏼✌️I think you have a lot of good karma coming your way. Could you do a video on the current state of the economy of the USA vs Australia, and how you think the 2 economies will compare as we will hopefully be able to ramp up production in new industries soon due to the current lockdown. Where do you see the cannabis market now as a potential investment especially with regard to Australia where the industry hasn’t taken off. But with stagflation predicted there is going to be a demand for new industries in Australia and I wonder if you see Australian cannabis stocks as an opportunity. We have a backwards government and if we were like New Zealand and more progressive I think we could have a growing industry. Appreciate your comments and thoughts.
    Cheers 👍🏼

  2. Good video! I disagree with CBS Stats 5billion in Canada annually. As far as Grey+ Black market + legal market yes I believe its above 5 Billion, could be 10Billion. But I promise you this, Canada will not have 5 billion sales in 2019. 2 Billion if there lucky, Canopy Aurora + Hexo +OGi+trst +tlry + Apha+meta count for more than 80% of the sales in Canada count for around 250m per quarter in sales, know the numbers will be higher at end of year but thats just 1b. Know soon as Edibles come online,concentrates, edibles, then Sales will get 2x higher per month prolly, but thats not till October, so they may get 2-3 mths where theres 150-250m per mth to equal around 2B-2.5B Max. I think 2B is a high estimate, and may only equal 1.2-1.5b. Some of Auroras+Apha+Canopys sales are global sales as well. But yes its heading to 3-5b in the next 2-3 years, they need easier medical access, and more hemp cbd around the world. USA is where the $$$$$ will be, Could get to a 100b in USA in 5-10years in sales with Hemp cbd. I think will get to a TRillion dollar sales before 2043, and maybe a lot earlier. Look into SNN, Pyx, Tilt,kshb,nextleaf solutions. Theres a new company called Abacus health solutions that will get a us otc ticker eventually there talking, but its THE GW Pharmaceuticals of Topical products with FDA approval on Hemp cbd and did 5m in sales in last 9mths at a 300m cad market cap. Good luck, but Loads of $$$ to be made in next 3-5 years. Play the puts side on Tlry and other companies as well. I have call options on pyx, zyne, xxii, looking to get into YGYI as well on the 7.5 strike. Peace.

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