Cannabis News – Missouri Medical Marijuana FAQ | Ep. 343 | 02-27-2019

Joe Klare discusses attempts to link marijuana to violence, cannabis tax revenues in California and frequently asked questions about medical cannabis in …


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  2. Violence is often linked with other things too. Video games . Music etc. And while I agree that younger undeveloped minds can be influenced my those things. That's why there is a age restriction (mostly not followed or I forced by parents ) I look at cannabis like vaping. It helps many people with a healthier alternative. I'm supposed to take Klonopins for my anxiety and sleep issues. Got addicted to them . Almost lost my family over it. Now. Now I just try to make it threw with the best coping mechanisms I can . Meditation Wich truthfully is difficult with little children up my butt lol. Prayer. Water. Less caffeine etc. It sucks. Would love to see if this could help.

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